Up on the 118th floor of the Ritz Carlton Hong Kong is a gateway to the sky.


OZONE, the highest bar in the world looms intimidatingly over the city. Head up for a cocktail and peer down at the streets below, where people become tiny specs. It’s not cheap, which is to be expected but its worth it for the view. I recommend going at the start of your night, just for one cocktail to get you in the mood for an incredible night in this vibrant city.

I love a great cocktail and these refreshing beverages don’t only look stunning they taste bloody good too. I had a Bamboo Cocktail, get the recipe here . Sip away and cool down, it’s just the tonic after a day of exploring in the heat.

Other delicious cocktails you’ll find at OZONE:

Vodka inf. Liquorice • Mint Tea • Lemon • Hibiscus Syrup • Peychaud’s Bitters

Bamboo Vodka inf. Sushi Rice • Blackberry • Lime • Hibiscus Syrup • Basil Yuzu Foam


There is a dress code for the gents. No shorts, flip-flops or sleeveless shirts after 9pm.

Level 118, International Commerce Ctr.
1 Austin Road West
Kowloon, Hong Kong

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