Hi there! I’m Rosie, a travel and food enthusiast and blogger 🌍🍴



British girl eating her way around the world.

I’m used to sharing my stories of travel with friends and family, however it’s usually done so via a mouth-word format from my face. Writing down my experiences on’t interwebs in the form of a blog is completely new to me, but I’m very excited to get started.

“So, why blogging?” I hear you ask. Because I’d like to share with you my travel experiences and hopefully the pleasant parts will entice you to travel yourself and the unpleasant bits might at least make you laugh. If you’re already the travelling kind, maybe you’ll get some inspiration where to venture to next.

I have an intense love of food, verging on an unhealthy obsession. So I’ll be sure to cram this blog full of delicious foodie stuff for you to sink your teeth into.


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